​Brakes Servicing and Upgrades

​Brakes are an important modification on a race car that is frequently overlooked. Many races are lost and won at the braking areas of a racing circuit. 

​Road cars are rarely built to sustain consistent high-pressure braking. ​But ​braking in this man​ner is part of track driving​. The result of driving like this, on a brake system that is not designed for it, is the brakes performance tends to fade as the friction causes heat to build up.

On race cars or high-performance road cars, the braking performance can be enhanced by installing high-performance brake pads and brake fluid that are both designed to withstand high temperatures and the amount of sustained use. Other upgrades can be to brake calipers, brake discs and braided brake hose pipes which help to achieve superior braking performance.

How we can improve your braking performance depending on your needs. Whether for road or track, the type of racing you are competing in, we will advise and carry out the work necessary to service and improve your car’s braking system.

Examples of recent work:

​“​​high-performance brake pads and brake fluid ​are both designed to withstand high temperatures”

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