​Race Car Preparation and Build

Good preparation of your race car is important on many levels. Whether you are an occasional competitor, racing just for fun or a championship-winning potential, above all, without a well-prepared car neither is likely.

It is very important to build your car correctly. It will give yourself the best opportunity to achieve your goals whatever they are. Experience gained, running our own racing cars, over the past 15 years means we know what works and what does not.  

We start with the championship and class you wish to compete in. We ensure that the race car is built to meet the regulations and requirements. Our cars are built to standards that ensure reliability. We will work with you through the build process and walk you through the options available.

Our experience has shown us that the little things here and there matter. They eventually accumulate and consequently end up being the difference between a competitive package or not.  

Renault Clio 172 Cup Hire Car at Goodwood
Daihatsu Charade GTi Race Car

The process can be summarised as follows. Find a roadworthy car, strip it, install a roll cage and install safety equipment (race seat, seat belts, fire extinguisher etc.). The fitting of performance modifications to the car come next, including suspension, brakes etc.

The type of modifications and the extent is dependent on what is allowed to conform to the championship regulations. The modification process can be developed in stages and also over various seasons. This can help to control cost or done at a pace to suit your evolution as a driver.  

For further information, please talk to us about your needs and requirements.
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Examples of recent work:

Engine Rebuilds

Race engines go through a lot over the course of a season. Although they generally do not clock up lots of miles they are always working hard when they are running. They are under lots more stress than the engine of a road going car.

To keep a race car reliable we rebuild or refresh their engines. Worn parts are replaced before they get to a point of failure. An engine failure could cause serious damage or even scrap an engine entirely.

Engine removed from car
Stripped engine showing the crankshaft

​Gearbox Rebuilds

As with engines, gearboxes in race cars are also under a lot of stress. We carry out routine rebuilds, or at least checks for excessive wear, which help to keep a car reliable and avoid failures while you are competing.

Internal parts pf a gearbox
Gearbox being rebuilt
Kent Motorsport