​​Suspension Setup

Many race car competitors overlook the importance of their cars suspension setup. Often race car drivers and car enthusiasts spend a lot of money on modifications. But the spent is on their engines and gearboxes and as a result little is spent on suspension setup. The result of this approach maybe a car that is overpowered and cannot be handled well, and perhaps even dangerous to drive. 

Through our suspension setup process, we look to examine and modify various suspension and car characteristics. The front and rear roll centres, the point at which the car body rolls. We look at spring rates, the amount of weight required to compress the springs and keep the car at its desired ride height.

Weight Distribution

Weight balance distribution, where we measure the weight of the car at each corner and adjust it to better displace it. This is done for the needs and characteristics of your individual car. Weight distribution includes the centre of gravity of the car and more importantly how high it is. The best race car handling through acceleration, braking and cornering is achieved for the reason that the centre of gravity is as low as possible. This is relative to the roll centres.

Balanced Setup

Armed with this information we work to create a balanced suspension setup. We develop a setup that suits your needs on track and on the road. A well-balanced car will almost instantly boost your confidence and as a result drive the car faster on the track. After a complete suspension setup, your race car will feel well balanced. This balance in the corners gives you the confidence to carry more speed through those corners. It is a known fact that “carrying 1 mph more speed through the corner is equivalent to having 10 bhp more of power down the straights”.

​“carrying 1 mph more speed through the corner is equivalent to having 10 bhp more of power down the straights”

Another important factor of race car suspension setup, and a well-balanced race car, is consequently it will achieve the maximum grip offered by the tyres. An extra benefit is a lower rate of tyre wear. Well-balanced cars tend to be much kinder on the tyres due to all four tyres working as equally as possible. How many times have you seen race cars leading at the beginning of the race only to fade away? An unbalanced car, due to poor suspension setup or aggressive driving, tends to cause your tyres to overheat and consequently the grip fades as a result.

Corner weight setup

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Examples of recent work:

Race car on corner weight scales
Corner weight scales readout
Race car on corner weight scales
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