Suspension Project VW CUP

Kent Motorsports new suspension set up equipment

Suspension Project VW CUP

Suspension Project VW CUP 800 800 Kent Motorsport

We have further updated our tools to help enhance the accuracy in setting up race car suspension geometry. For full geometry and corner weight setup, we now use Stand Hubs. These allow easy access to tune the suspension and also eliminate any possible inaccuracy in measurements that may arise from distortion in the tyres.

These images show the Limitless Motorsport VW Cup car being set at our workshop. Our new stand hubs are being used for suspension set up. The car was described as feeling nervous on the track. Our measurements showed this was mainly due to the suspension having extreme negative camber and toe-out settings that were not needed.

After our adjustments to the suspension for toe and camber, the handling of this track car has massively improved. It has made the drivers of this car much more confident behind the wheel.