Yaser working on the Jaguar Mk2 suspension set up

Jaguar Mk2 Suspension Setup

Jaguar Mk2 Suspension Setup 773 580 Kent Motorsport

The owner of this MkII Jaguar brought it to us complaining about the wheels rubbing on the inside when turning on full lock. The driver felt the car to be nervous on right-hand corners. 

We suspected that the Toe is completely out of alignment on the front wheels and so performed a four-wheel alignment. Our suspicion was correct as we found the left front wheel had an excessive toe-in. We adjusted the toe on both wheels to zero toe. 

Jaguar Mk2 suspension set up
Jaguar Mk2 suspension set up

We saw the owner a couple of days later with a big smile on his face. He reported that the car now handles nicely and there is no more rubbing when the steering is on full lock.